Portugal creates a Task Force to optimize the granting of Visas

8 August, 2022

News article by Jessica Nicolich, Lawyer - International Atlantic Services

The Government of Portugal, aware of the growing demand for visa applications and seeking to improve migratory conditions, created, last Tuesday, a special commission entitled “Coordination and monitoring group for the expediting of visas”.

According to Order No. 9425/2022, from August, 2nd, into force on August 3, which determines the creation of the group, the objectives are:

  • (i)  simplify processes to establish greater fluidity and security of visa applications;
  • (ii) monitor the entire visa circuit process;
  • (iii) propose measures, covering the various government areas, aimed at strengthening human resources at consular posts with the highest volume of visa applications;
  • (iv) assess the need to place SEF (Foreigners and Borders Service) and IEFP (Institute of Employment and Vocational Training) elements in the most pressured posts; and
  • (v) establish a permanent communication channel between the entities, from the different government areas, involved in visa processes.

The appointment of group members is one of the Government's biggest bets to achieve the desired efficiency.

In this sense, the group will be formed by members of several areas of the Government, which must present egalitarian and speedy proposals and procedures on the various fronts of assistance to migrants.

In conclusion, it is expected not only to regulate and streamline the conditions for the entry and stay of citizens in Portugal but also to provide order and security in migratory processes, to combat illegal migration and trafficking of human beings.


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