Portugal's New Dawn: A Bright Future for Foreign Investment and Residency Programs

26 March, 2024

IAS is thrilled to share exciting news about the political developments in Portugal. The recent elections have introduced a new right-wing government, marking a promising shift for policies, especially those related to foreign investment, like the Gold Visa and Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) programs.

The now newly elected government has publicly expressed its support for both the Gold Visa program and the Non-Habitual Resident program during the last government's process of amending these regimes, in clear opposition to the previous government´s decisions. This stance has sparked anticipation in the market for a robust return on these critical investment initiatives under a government led by the PSD and supported by a right-leaning parliament.

Pedro Fontinho, the executive director of the Portuguese Residential Tourism Association (APR), has expressed optimism about new measures to attract foreign investment. Similarly, Hugo Santos Ferreira, President of the Portuguese Association of Real Estate Developers and Investors (APII), emphasized the significance of the revival of the Gold Visa and NHR regimes. He highlighted their pivotal role in boosting the Portuguese economy by attracting capital and skilled individuals.

At IAS, we are excited about these developments and their potential for enhancing Portugal's investment landscape. We are committed to keeping you informed and supported through this transition. We see these changes as positive steps forward and look forward to exploring the new opportunities they will bring to our investors and partners.


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